Life & You

Each time, when I turn around, I look for you to make some sound, But life is a constant move nothing stays, As everything moves...!!! Time is the biggest healer or I should say, A great teacher, who teaches you about, This profound love and life, What matters you the most is a matter of... Continue Reading →

A Talk On Perceptions

As earlier in one of my posts we talk about the desires now is the turn of perceptions. I  still wonder how it is that we look at the society or it is the society which makes our perception to look at  others. We belive to trust our senses, what we smell, what we see or... Continue Reading →


Dance ... !!! what is it? some random movement of your body or a rhythmic wave flow. For me, it is a language of the soul I Dance for Myself just for myself, I dance when I Feel really low I dance When I Feel on a sky-high I dance, Dance is the unseen Rhythm... Continue Reading →

A Talk On Desire 

As in my last blog, I told you guys that we will be discussing perception and  desires. So here are my musings on desire. It is said that sadness is because of the thorns of the desires we have in our heart but to me,  " the self-knows neither sorrow nor death, yet in it flow... Continue Reading →

Role Of An Indian Woman

It's a day to celebrate and to think for all that the world have done till date . Here are my musings on this day how I look at our society and what I think they have done . On this day let's join our hands and take a pledge to make difference in this society ( at least in the life of a one person ) so that the upcoming generation do understand and realize that how worthy we are and what ever the role we play ( by each and every individual ) should be respected and accepted .

Lead On Life

There should a direction as it helps us all to escape the chaos and chaos is not a healthy option for anyone , who needs peace of mind .

Himalayan Girl 

Dedicated To All The Himalayan Girls She is just a simple girl, with a simple life , not a model or any glamorous pride . Her heart is filled with awe and she carries beauty pure & raw with an innocent smile . She is robust as it seems , yet so pretty like a... Continue Reading →

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