Himalayan Girl 

Dedicated To All The Himalayan Girls

She is just a simple girl, with a simple life , not a model or any glamorous pride .
Her heart is filled with awe and she carries beauty pure & raw with an innocent smile .
She is robust as it seems , yet so pretty like a flower in full bloom as if through a mist a first loom .
She is just simple as star, twinkling with inner spark .
She knows how to love and care , as she carries joy and kindness to share .

She is not a dancer or a singer .
Yet you can feel her magic caste on magical breeze .
With the dazzling aura and with the exotic valleys of flora you can feel her dancing with the glowing spark .
Blooming , Grooming into the mystic magical harmonic of hills .
She is a girl who belongs to hill .
She works hard on those lofty trails and with out a single complaint she always sings .
With her all this magical aura , dazzling flora sway their wings .
She is a Himalayan Girl who lives in these beautiful lofty peaks covered in snow where time always lost its flow .


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