Lead On Life

Sometimes I wonder why I m here,

Why am I here yet,

What is the purpose of this life,

In this-worldly swing.

There are questions in my conscious thee,

I do struggle with my certainty.


I close my eyes and sees the path,

It is unknown,

It looks too dark,

It looks twisted,

It looks rough,

It scares me at time,


What exactly I should trust,

It could be smooth,


It could be tough,

No matter what it is,

I have to move ahead.


what I m suppose to do

when I am,

Unknown to these paths,


There is feeling in my heart,

That tells me to move in,

And sway my feet,

But there is a thought in my mind which tells me,

To stop and play,

Because that is how life is meant
to be,

But I need my time and lot of space,
because this is a life, is not a play,

I wanna slow down and learn,

And mend my mistakes.

Until they all burn.

Wish could turn the clocks,

Withered around.

So all it could be an amiable play .


I wonder  how to slay,

Because this life isn’t a race,

Around this huge crowd,

I know life is not the same,

As it change just like a river at each and every bay,

I want to be like the and-and flow in each and every shore,


In this world of huge knobbly  paths,

Each one of us needs that single touch of,

Love that never lasts.


Just a simple hug,

makes feel you safe and gay.

I still wonder where to ahead

As the treasure of this world

Is what we have?
I still wonder what exactly I want

How to take lead in this life which

Takes to the unknown paths.

My desires thunder to the sky of wants
oh!!! what I want !! what I want !!!
I just wish to fly away and the random lead nad Play it all my way . 


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