Role Of An Indian Woman

A woman has a very significant role in Indian society. If we look at India’s culture, spiritualism is deeply embedded in it and you can’t separate the two. Religion plays a crucial role in the existence of every single being on every level of the society. To understand the role of the woman in Indian society one must understand the ancient history of India.

As per the ancient scriptures, we will find that she has been seen as the creative manifestation of this whole cosmic principle. She plays the crucial role is every step for the human existence. In Indian spiritual tradition, a woman is equal to man. It is applied to every religion be it Islam, Hinduism, Christian, Buddhism, Sikhism any religion you take. The feminist principle holds a high value of existence of this comic whole.

If we will scroll down the history and we will figure out how important a role of feminist principle is while looking at that wisdom in India it is hard to understand the present situation of woman in this society. Discriminations of girls and women or the assaults happening to them make it hard to believe that ever this society has looked at them so highly. Presently still many women are facing humiliations in every expect of life. Political, economical, social aspects everything is being concealed.

Why this hypocrisy? Are we lacking in ethics and morality?

If we look at the ancient texts,  it is in there that ” to have a healthy society both men and women should have their actions balanced on supporting each other consciously on basis of morality”. Of course, it is not feasible in human interactions not only in India but nor anywhere in the world.
As we are in the new era of progress there is a breeze of awareness and change. Not only men but women in modern India are getting aware of their strength, their potentials, there are many possibilities open for them.

But still, a large part of our society is playing a hypocrite role. Women are still being classified into the certain structure which is not just deconstructing their form of being a woman but also they are putting a self-design on their existence. Patriarchy society is still not willfully accepting their own choice and is self-designing the life activity to work upon them to change the subjection of women through traditions and culture.

Be it any society or any part of the world women has to stand by herself to change the social frame and has to work on all the conditions. She has to intently work on her goals and values which are very important for her self-respect. First and foremost girl education, abortion of female fetuses, child marriage, dowry they all need to be crushed down.

We have many female role models which exist in India not only in mythology but also in the modern frame of the society. They are working at all the levels of the society. Be it a top politician or a diplomat or a successful entrepreneur or be in a corporate world at all levels and virtually in all positions. It is that social culture which carried by this Patriarchy society that exerts the pressure on successful women and cuts their career or stops them on the way of self-realization.

As the time has passed this Indian society has acquired a new dimension of the problems as now they have started categorizing the role of the woman as per the monetary gains. This new relationship of the Indian woman in the Indian society has arisen the problem of self-respect in them. This new nuisance has given birth to the new discussion and for the fight of the existence of the ” ROLE OF THE NEW INDIAN WOMAN “

How we can overcome this situation?

According to me we need a great strong movement just like Raja Ram Mohan Roy did for ” Sati Pratha” , Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and Maharishi Karvelike did for the “remarriage of the widows” and many others we need to carry one where a woman can work on her significant role and can re-design or re-define her role in the society by herself .
Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.

We both man and woman are still trying to find out the place in the society where we both can exist equally without interfering with each other’s role and at the same time we by supporting and developing towards an efficient society. Which can lead to the healthy and happy unification of other societies in the world for a global happiness.  


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    1. Ha ha ha ha … but to me it looks like coming out of a very wounded heart . Everything is equal there is this phenomenon balance in the universe which has lead to this cosmic creation of life and that very balance has lead to have human kind live so far in his or her own fashion….!!!


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