Motion of Emotions 

Eight years of long distance relationship, going through many up and downs finally we got a chance to live our fairytale dream. After a big fat Himachali wedding, we detonated our journey together towards a new byway. Going through the newly wedded charms, we never realized, how time has passed !!!! Love beyond understanding and misunderstandings have been quite immense for both of us. Staying together has made me realize how two personalities have come together to live together forever.  Expectation and reality are finally learning the revamping of this new married life. While walking right down to the byway I see my mix bag of emotions is being scrutinized.

Love or being loved is something you give and seek in return, it is something I am living for as of now, as it holds the ultimate key to this whole universe. My husband is someone who is quite profound for the simple, and lazy go life. He works quite hard as to look after us.

Where as my life is just a rolling stone, which has been rolling without a goal. And by being a lucky star I have landed in the land of the Hollywood stars. Just like a parachute jumper, I landed in the American realm. Since then life has been a total swap. Swinging in between the two ropes of the reality and dream I have been swinging right from being melancholy to being in contentment. It swings from one dimension to other.

As one does need a  certainty and a proper channel of life to walk down through this path successfully. When I say successfully I never mean with the monetary gains. As anybody can earn as per their potential for a good healthy life but what I am talking about is a bigger picture. It is a picture which has peace, love, and respect. And to have these three factors in one’s life altogether is quite tough.

What could be the reason?

Well as per me they are ” perception and Desires ” we will be having detail talk on each topic in my next blog as I always wonder what influences the key to our day to a day activity from perception to desire to cognition what . Why we get stuck ? where as some of them succeed and some of them not, why ?

For all the answer I am searching for till now my life has lead me to some extraordinary journey and encounters, which I find to be quite impactful in my life . I’ll sharing my journey with you all . Let’s see if together we all can find some answers that we are looking for  .


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