A Talk On Desire 

As in my last blog, I told you guys that we will be discussing perception and  desires. So here are my musings on desire. It is said that sadness is because of the thorns of the desires we have in our heart but to me,  ” the self-knows neither sorrow nor death, yet in it flow all relative events “. We detach ourselves when we are not in love and get attach when we are in love.
“love” is something which I find hard to describe. It is something when it goes on a smooth ride life is full of pleasant surprises. But what if there is a turn back it just get worst roller coaster ride ever anyone will take ( varies from person to person )  then do we still find love to be desirable?

Here let me quote you an example ” there is this some XYG couple they love each other but suddenly one find it hard to move on the same path and decided to turn it and run apart. Obviously, there is a flow of all negative vibe and suddenly those people are in a certain state of mind where you fight for what you desire .”
I wonder even in that state of mind is it love that one desire.
or is it  Love which makes all the desire?
Desire is something which kills the joy and the happiness. It tells you to say goodbye. Some do it and some don’t I wonder how does this mind show what to choose how things get torn apart ?. I guess it is a sensory pleasure which electric in nature and it can only be neutralized as we move toward the object it desires.

Maybe  I guess it is a sensory pleasure which electric in nature and it can only be neutralized as we move toward the object it desires.

It is said by some scholar that “desire arises from the memory of a pleasant or unpleasant experience with the past experience”. Desire arises on their own without asking or questioning down things. But there is again the question in mind that is it wrong to be logical?  and relevant to the desires?

But when they do and how we react is something which takes a lot to act. Desire is sensory which works from pleasure to pain from life to death. Everything seems so realistic that we don’t realize what exactly we have to gain. More than answers I have questions and I am still wondering where to look for them. But in my experience, I have learned from the life that seeds of desires are sowed in us since we are born. Now is it a good thing or bad I don’t know

Maybe it depends on the circumstantial events or is it just a  perception. It is said that we should choose things wisely as whatever we do have its own effects good or bad all depends on our choices. For example, if we burn a sandalwood in the fire it is aromatic and if we burn something trashy and toxic there is toxicity everywhere. what we choose depends on our choices and our choices depend on our desire and I guess desires depends on the perceptions.

Ha ha ha ha ha isn’t it amazing how life fiddles with everything seem to be connected with each other in a such a vicious circle of life? We all are so bound to it and those who are not they are considered to be a saint …..

To Be Continue …


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