Dance … !!!
what is it?
some random movement of your body or a rhythmic wave flow.
For me, it is a language of the soul
I Dance for Myself just for myself,
I dance when I Feel really low I dance When I Feel on a sky-high I dance,
Dance is the unseen Rhythm Of our inner vibration which I follow Step by Step and it just let me flow.

I dance raw, I dance purely !!!
It gives you the joy and it spices your life.
Have you ever wonder about the dancing in the moonlight and all the stars are gazing at you at the same time.

It seems to be full of such divine divinity which is hard for me to describe.
One should dance for beauty, laughter, cry, for sorrow, and for peace and for all the inner rhythms that you want to feel.

It is the way to sway ourselves.
And meet the innermost beautiful gems of yours


As the music plays on get up and dance whenever you get the chance get up and dance.

Hope you dance in the middle of the night

when you can’t sleep and by thinking of something you have all your butterflies inside.

May you take every single breath away when you dance with the love of your life.
There’s  are a lot of things which dance can teach you in many funny ways so just to let yourself sway.

Well I’m not asking you to do things my way I am not telling you to do

what I say, I am not telling you to grab on something big.

But it would be nice to listen to the rhythm of this universe and let your feet sway.

So dance as much as you can because when you dance your soul speaks and when your soul speaks you feel relief so just dance and make your soul speak no matter how it goes just dance… !!!


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