A Talk On Perceptions

As earlier in one of my posts we talk about the desires now is the turn of perceptions. I  still wonder how it is that we look at the society or it is the society which makes our perception to look at  others. We belive to trust our senses, what we smell, what we see or touch or hear.

Is it something we see the truth or we are manipulated by our senses? How we get to know what exactly is the truth?

We are told to belive in the reality or what we sense. It is considered to be something which cannot manipulate,  something which cannot be ever changed.

In today’s world, we all have a hard time to grasp the reality. We prefer to work on our senses to get to the grassroots level to get the truth but is it the ultimate reality we get or we just manipulate it.

For me, reality has always been bitten considerably,  as it changes considerably . Things which are very simple are easy to understand and accept. But nowadays we manipulate.  We manipulate everything to satisfy our perception. The perception which is formed or somewhere are embedded into our mind since our childhood to convince the society. As I said earlier we are manipulated by the society.
I have a friend who was going through a very rough time to keep up with his subordinates in all expects of life be it work, relationship or social circle. He tried hard to convince himself that he does fit in that circle of his subordinates just like them. In the office, he always tried to get his task done on time with the same efficiency as his colleagues were doing. He was good at his job but was slow which always made him a laughing-stock . His relationship with his family was not on easy pace. His family was supportive of him in every step of his life. But something was always up with him, no matter how hard he tried he never succeed. Eventually, he was ending up with low self-esteem.
His family and friends always worked for his growth by being optimistic by cheering for him always and we did not discern with those who gave him negative remarks. But none of it was working with him.

Now the question comes why? Why cannot he? Was he incapable of all this or was he just not interested into it?
You will find such similar people around you in your daily life, doesn’t matter which part of the society you live in. There is always a question to such things “WHY”, what made it so impossible to them that they cannot !!!
As per me isn’t it the perception we work on?

Isn’t it the something that society has deeply and automatically has embedded in us that we look at the things as want at the end and somewhere we are all forced to achieve those levels somehow…!!!

will be continuing this talk further with you all as there a lot more to talk …!!!


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