Life & You

Each time, when I turn around,

I look for you to make some sound,

But life is a constant move nothing stays,

As everything moves…!!!

Time is the biggest healer or I should say,

A great teacher,

who teaches you about,

This profound love and life,

What matters you the most is a matter of time…!!!

I have walked away so many miles,

That when I turn around and see,

How my heart has bled and I have almost died,

many times …!!!

But the time has always held me tight,

There is a story behind,

Every face you meet in life,

I have mine which is all insane,

People are there to judge me and you,

Again and again …!!!

Ah…!!! What should I say,

It’s tough to be a happy soul again,

But this is something which makes,

Me keeping moving and sway …!!!

And the important thing to remember is that,

Each and every moment in your life,

Is a beautiful phase, doesn’t matter,

How hard life gets, how rough terrain gets,

You get going and you sway in your own way,

As happiness is something,

Which makes all the pain worth,

For your own fate…!!!

I miss you with every moment of my life,

More the time pass, more I want you,

To come back and make things right,

But I guess it’s just me being  a selfish,

 right …!!!

It’s just a phase which,

Everyone has to feed on,

And Life has to move on,

I know I ma right …!!!


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