Snow Day 

SNOW SNOW SNOW........... Wonderful snow... When snow is there everything is covered  Under the wondrous layer It's white and bright Full of mystical happy vibes  With it's each sight, it makes you stupefy      A Snow day is like a   Fairytale which is always in a star-gaze  Slipping and sliding and making snowmen Throwing the... Continue Reading →

A Pandemonium Roar 

Each time I sit and I try to write it down, but something has always stopped me what I don't know, but it has stopped me. But finally leaving this unknown hurdle aside I am here. This time I am here to share my shattered emotional demise. As far I have known myself I have... Continue Reading →

A Spiritual Aspect Of The Life

I am a simple girl born and brought up in the laps of the Himalayas in India. Moral values and ethics are deeply embedded in my consciousness just like other people. I look for a reasoning and logical explanation in each and every aspect of life. But apart from all the modern science, I follow a... Continue Reading →

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